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Creators of short films, corporate and documentaries, we wish to develop on the long term, thanks to consequent means of production, demanding, original and varied projects.



RUMBU, by Remi Mazet (RED 4K, 28 mn)
Aurélie, a tormented and sulky teenager, reluctantly goes on holiday with her father, who recently settled on the island of Mayotte.
Revolted by the world of adults and its contradictions, she sees this Mahoran experience turn into an initiatory journey, from which she will grow.


GUAVAS FOR THE ROAD, by Jil Servant (HD, 47 mn)
Ten years ago, I did not know Pierrette.
She was for me only a young woman lost in the Paris metro, in a film shot for television in 1967.
Never was anyone interested in the one who was supposed to represent all Martiniquaises arrived at this time in the Paris region.
This film, she had never seen it in 1967, she did not have television.
I suggest we look at it together.


EDA’S CHOICES, by Jil Servant (HD, 67 mn)
Cantatrice, it’s an exciting job.
Diva, it’s mostly a choice, that Christiane EDA-PIERRE did not make.


MAGID, the magician, by Mohamed Said Ouma (HD, 21 mn)
Amin and Magid, two brothers, are illegal on the French island of Mayotte in the Comoros archipelago.
Sara, a young nurse, still lives with her parents, who have already drawn the lines of her destiny.
Magid is sick, he must be treated. Amin then risks the game of love and chance for his little brother.
Will Sara, stifled by maternal love, be a saving soul?


BLOODY ROOTS (Fichues racines), by Marie-Claude Pernelle (HD, 30 mn)
Viviane, a Guadelupian woman, about forty, lives alone in a council house in Paris region. To take care of her cardiac mother stayed in Guadeloupe, Viviane decides to welcome her. Now, almost totally isolated, she has difficulty in living with her. Viviane admits gradually her mother to a strange world, invaded by roots of tropical plants : a forest without exit.

BEAUTIFUL, by Pélagie Serge Poyotte (HD, 45 mn)
Manuel meets Lydie, a mysterious and very appealing young woman, in French Guyana. Helped by his friend Sizo, admirer of the Negritude poet, Léon-Gontran DAMAS, he decides to see her again, though she lives far away, in Saint-Laurent du Maroni. On the road towards Saint-Laurent, the two boys meet strange people that will change their perception of life forever…

THE BAILIFF (L’huissier), by Lydia Wheatley (HD, 6 mn)
A man, helped by his wife, hides the valuables of his apartment before the coming for seizure of a bailiff.


THE MANGO LADY (La Femme qui passe), by Véronique Kanor (Super 16, 19 mn)
Bazile, an old romantic man, writes letters to his dead wife. Marie-Ange reads photo romances. Everyday at the same moment, their desires cross themselves. But one day, Marie-Ange is not there.

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